Wind turbines park in Jordan.

    Our investments

    As a development finance institution, we invest in companies operating in the agricultural and services sectors as well as in industry and infrastructure enterprises and private equity funds. We currently finance and advise around 700 companies with approximately EUR 10.3 billion. We enable them to open up new markets, develop and compete successfully. And that has an impact on the ground: the companies we co-finance create about 3.3 million jobs, generate local income in the billions and improve the infrastructure, for example by using renewable energies. Scroll down if you want to learn more about our investments.

    Investment-related information

    DEG publishes information on new commitments after the contract has been signed with the respective customer including the following information: Who is our customer? What will the financing be used for? Why are we financing the project?

    Success stories

    Every investment tells its own story, made up of people with outstanding ideas. We support these by providing capital and know-how. Here you find some examples.

    Key figures at a glance