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A wide range

We finance entrepreneurial initiatives: That can be for example a German SME who is launching operations in a developing country for the first time. We give advice to an entrepreneur from Indonesia on how to set up and expand his company and provide long-term capital for his investments. Or we enable banks in countries such as Costa Rica or Kenya, to provide loans to small and medium enterprises by benefiting from a credit line.

Here you find some current examples.


A vegetable producer from Peru

The Peruvian Virú Group has been growing vegetables and fruits in the country for more than 20 years. Since 2013 DEG is supporting Virú with finance and advice, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the company.

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Cream crackers from Nigeria

The Nigerian family-run company Beloxxi produces so-called cream crackers in its state of the art production facility. These crispy wheat crackers are becoming more and more popular among consumers in Nigeria. Since 2016, DEG is invested in the biscuit company with equity.

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Financial institutions

Promoting small and medium-sized enterprises

The Ghanaian Fidelity Bank offers financial services to small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2014, DEG arranged a long-term loan for the bank totalling USD 60 million, and is thus contributing to Fidelity Bank's expansion of its SME business.

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DEG supports lending to small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia

To strengthen private sector structures in Cambodia, secure jobs and give small and medium-sized enterprises access to loans, DEG invests in SME financings and provides Acleda Bank with a long-term loan.

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Sustainability fund for Africa

DEG invests in solar thermal energy and wind power in South Africa through its participation in the Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital Fund. The private equity fund is a prime example of how sustainability and investment return do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Social entrepreneurship in Asia

The Aavishkaar Frontier Fund promotes social entrepreneurs in Asia with business models that improve the living conditions of local people. As an anchor investor DEG strengthens the funds' capital base and contributes towards mobilising further investors.

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Project financing

Expanding green energy supply for telecommunication towers

Expanding mobile telecommunications provides significant impetus for the development of emerging and developing countries. DEG finances investments of Lebanese IPT Powertech Group SAL, which operates mobile phone masts in Africa and the Middle East according to the TESCO model.

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Solar power for the Caribbean

DEG invests in the biggest solar farm in the Caribbean and arranges a long-term loan of approximately USD 62 million to fund its development.

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