Success stories

Every investment tells its own story, made up of people with outstanding ideas. We support these by providing capital and know-how. Here you find some examples.


Green loans for climate-friendly technologies

The Paraguayan bank Sudameris has launched a new product in cooperation with DEG: green loans. With this product, small and medium-sized enterprises can invest in the expansion of renewable energy or in resource-saving technologies.

Financial service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya

Many Kenyan companies are unable to secure long-term loans. Together with Equity Bank Kenya, DEG is making it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to make more investments.


Resource-efficient agriculture in Costa Rica

The Dos Pinos cooperative is Costa Rica’s market leader for high-quality milk and dairy products. With DEG’s support, the company is further expanding its sustainable production.

COVID-19 vaccines from Africa

Together with other DFIs, DEG is financing the development of vaccine production in South Africa.

Private equity funds

Sustainable growth in North Africa

Private equity company Mediterrania Capital Partners provides growth capital for medium-sized, high-impact companies. As an anchor investor, DEG strengthens the fund’s equity base.

Capital for fintech start-ups in Southeast Asia

Together with DEG as anchor investor, the fund manager Integra Partners is investing with its Partners Fund II L.P. in companies in Southeast Asia that drive transformation and inclusion in the financial services sector.

Infrastructure & Energy

Expanding green energy supply for telecommunication towers

Expanding mobile telecommunications provides significant impetus for developing the infrastructure in emerging markets and developing countries. DEG finances investments of IPT Powertech Group SAL, which operates telecommunication towers in Africa and the Middle East.

Expansion of wind energy in Uzbekistan

DEG promotes the expansion of green infrastructure in Uzbekistan and finances the construction and operation of a 100 MW wind power plant close to Nukus city.