Fund capital for fintech start-ups

    Internet-based services are widespread in Southeast Asia and in high demand among the predominantly young population. This trend was further reinforced by social distancing measures during the pandemic. Singapore-based fund manager Integra Partners specialises in this line of business, investing in local early-stage companies that use digital technology to drive transformation and inclusion in the financial services sector. DEG is an anchor investor in Integra’s new Partners Fund II L.P. with an investment of up to USD 8 million.

    Integra takes a sustainable approach to investment, contributing to technology-based financial and healthcare inclusion and placing emphasis on good corporate governance, environmental and social standards. Beyond the financing, DEG has assisted the fund manager in introducing an environmental and social management system that facilitates the assessment of and compliance with ESG standards.

    A special focus of the fund manager is the promotion of women, both in its investments and in the company itself: half of the fund manager’s team consists of female employees. The co-financed start-ups employ 42 percent women, including many female managers and co-founders. With this inclusive business policy, Integra Partners has qualified as a “2X Challenge Investor”: an award for investors who work for better conditions for women in developing countries. This includes better access to leadership opportunities, quality employment, financing, business support, as well as the development of appropriate products and services for women.

    Through this investment DEG is supporting the financial inclusion of low-income and unbanked populations and strengthens the economic participation of women in the target region.

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    How can companies and financial institutions make a targeted contribution to the empowerment of women in developing countries?