DEG Building

    Our locations

    Since its foundation in 1962, DEG’s head office is located in Cologne, Germany. Currently around 680 staff members work in two energy efficient office buildings in the inner city.

    DEG Cologne Head Office

    Your contacts worldwide

    We are directly active on site in a number of key regions. Here you will find information on the DEG locations worldwide and your contacts.

    Abidjan | Côte d’Ivoire

    Bangkok | Thailand

    Beijing | China

    Bogota | Colombia

    Colombo | Sri Lanka

    Dhaka | Bangladesh

    Hanoi | Vietnam

    Istanbul | Turkey

    Jakarta | Indonesia

    Johannesburg | South Africa

    Lagos | Nigeria

    Lima | Peru

    Mexico City | Mexico

    Nairobi | Kenya

    New Delhi | India

    Panama City | Panama

    Sao Paulo | Brazil

    Singapore | Singapore

    Representative offices of KfW Group

    We also have access to a network of around 60 foreign offices within KfW Group.

    Representative offices of KfW Group



    Kämmergasse 22

    50676 Cologne