ImpactConnect – We finance progress

AfricaConnect is now ImpactConnect. Due to the programme’s success since its launch it has been expanded and now includes a variety of countries globally, where it provides German and European companies with loans for investment projects that have an impact on development. The promotional programme implemented by DEG is part of the “Partners in Transformation” offer of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

ImpactConnect: Most important facts at a glance

Attractive investment financing:

  • Loans in the following target countries: African countries and all other BMZ partner countries, except China
  • Loans in all target countries in euros, US dollars and local currencies
  • Terms ranging between 3 and 7 years, with optional grace period
  • Loans from EUR 750,000 to EUR 5 million (generally unsecured)
  • Attractive conditions, interest rate reductions for investments with a particularly transformative impact
  • Direct disbursement to the subsidiary in the target country
  • Risk-adequate equity contribution of 20% to 50% - equity already contributed can be factored in
  • Support in implementing international environmental and social standards
  • Access to DEG’s network and our wide-ranging expertise in developing and emerging-market countries based on more than 60 years of experience

Eligible projects

Financing is possible if Investment financing is not an option for
  • a subsidiary of an established European company is already active in the target country or if the European company is planning to enter the market
  • the company is sustainably profitable and can service the loan through its operating business
  • The investment adds value from a development policy perspective, e.g. by creating jobs
  • companies that do not (yet) have a profitable business model or the required equity (start-ups)
  • companies that want to restructure or repay existing loans or use the funds to distribute profits or dividends
  • projects whose successful implementation has not yet been demonstrated by the sponsors (no "proof of concept")
  • Greenfield projects whose European sponsors do not qualify as experienced and/or creditworthy

ImpactConnect success stories

More value creation for organic nuts and fruit in Kenya

Limbua is a high-impact agricultural business in Kenya that nurtures the local value chain. Financing from ImpactConnect enabled it to expand its production.

Sustainable packaging production for West Africa

German paper and packaging solutions producer Klingele was supported by ImpactConnect in setting up its manufacturing facility in Senegal.

More impact & transformation - We reward projects that go the extra mile with an interest rate reduction

ImpactConnect focuses on four further socio-ecological areas. Companies that go beyond country and sector standards in these areas and successfully implement jointly agreed objectives may receive even more favourable interest rates.

The applicable areas are the following:

All information on our funding programme and the individual impact areas can be found here: Our ImpactConnect Flyer

Interested in having your project financed by ImpactConnect?

Curious? If you are interested in ImpactConnect, find out whether your project is eligible for a loan by completing the following self-assessment:


What if your project is not suitable for funding through ImpactConnect?

ImpactConnect – what we have achieved so far

Here you can find an overview of the financing commitments made as part of the ImpactConnect programme (in German only).