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Our impact

What we achieve – Development effects of our work

Our work benefits people, businesses and countries. We ensure our customers can maximise opportunities, open up new markets and compete successfully. In doing so, they create qualified jobs and income and are also actively committed to education and training for their staff. In addition, they also boost economic growth, create local value and support the transfer of know-how. Their taxes and export earnings contribute to government revenue and foreign exchange earnings – funds that are needed for investments in infrastructure, education, health, etc.

Contributing effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

Through their financial success and responsible operations, the companies supported by DEG are driving forward sustainable development in line with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. The 2030 Agenda, which encompasses 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to improve living conditions for all humans and protect the planet. Every customer we provide financing with commits to achieving defined development goals. If particular challenges arise, DEG provides additional support in the form of advice. We use a transparent procedure to measure further development.

Development effects of DEG’s commitments 2022

Even with the world facing multiple crises, the investments of DEG proved successful both financially and in terms of their development impact. DEG’s customers contributed to securing and enhancing development effects through their entrepreneurial activities. Even greater impacts were achieved than in the previous year. For example, the number of people employed by companies in developing countries has further risen and now stands at around three million. Furthermore, local income of around EUR 209 billion was generated in 2022 by those companies. Our customers remain commercially successful despite considerable challenges. The report shows that they are actively tackling the transformation process and developing adaptation strategies. We provide them with targeted support through our Business Support Services.

Development Report 2022

Development Report 2022

Learn more about the effects of our commitments in developing and emerging countries.

Further information

How we measure development effects

The DERa assesses and rates individual clients’ contribution to development and follows up on changes in performance since DEG’s investment.

More information on DERa

We evaluate our work

Internally and externally executed topic-based evaluations are important tools which we can harness to make DEG's work even more effective.

Our evaluations and case studies

Focus: Gender-lens investing

How can companies and financial institutions make a targeted contribution to the empowerment of women in developing countries?

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Focus: Skilled work

How can companies close skills gaps in their workforce and at supplier level? We present successful approaches.

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