Publications with Partners

    Publications with partners

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    Impact of development finance institutions on sustainable development

    ODI (Overseas Development Institute) essay series, September 2019
    DEG: Julian Frede, Elleke Maliepaard and Christiane Rudolph
    Link to Study
    Investing for a greener future

    EDFI publication, December 2017
    German Family Firms Internationalizing to China and India

    Study of WIFU (Witten Institute for Family Business): How German Family Firms successfully internationalize to China and India, June 2017
    Coffee and Prosperity

    Final Report of the Coffee Partnership for Tanzania, April 2017
    Investing to create jobs, boost growth and fight poverty

    EDFI flagship report, July 2016
    A guidance note on managing legacy land issues in agribusiness investments

    Guidance note, developed by the sustainability experts of CDC and DEG, June 2016.
    Investing for a greener future

    EDFI-publication on the occasion of the World Climate Summit in Paris, December 2015
    Africa-Europe Entrepreneur's Dialogue

    Report on the exchange of African and European entrepreneurs on entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable business opportunities and creating new partnerships, June 2013

    Findings Accra Post 2015 Africa-Europe Entrepreneurs' Dialogue