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Scaling innovative business models

With the Up-Scaling Programme, DEG finances new investments of early-stage SMEs aimed at scaling innovative business models with high development impact.

Target group

Eligible are early-stage SMEs (i) in the FinTech Sector, or (ii) with embedded finance components, or (iii) in the GreenTech Sector which are registered in a developing country or emerging market. These may also be local subsidiaries of German or European companies. Preference is given to investments in Africa.

What DEG offers

DEG provides funding of 500,000 to 749,000 EUR, which constitutes a maximum of 50% of the total investment volume. Private sponsors must contribute a substantial share of equity (at least 25% of total investment volume). DEG’s funds must be repaid in the event of success of the company (depending on pre-defined financial criteria such revenue or profit).

Conditions for funding

The programme addresses companies that fulfill the following requirements:

  • The company employs an innovative and scalable business approach with a high developmental impact.
  • The company has a proven track record, i.e. it is operational for minimum 12 month and generates substantial revenues.
  • The planned investment generates positive returns (as outlined by a comprehensive business plan and financial projections).
  • The company shows high growth potential owing to the size of the market and the target group.
  • The company has the management capacity, human resources and know-how to substantially scale their activities.

Interested companies may submit their proposals for funding through Up-scaling to DEG at any time. For this purpose please use the documents provided here.

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Project examples

Low-cost solar power for local companies

The German project developer PV2 is planning to set up the Philippines's first contracting solar plant. DEG is co-financing the investment as part of its Up-scaling programme.

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