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Professional articles and interviews

Here you find articles of DEG staff members and publications developed in cooperation with journals.

Article PDF for download
Bigger Markets, more opportunities
Interview with Christiane Laibach
D+C March 2019 (Link to the interview)
Measuring how good a job is
Author: Christiane Rudolph
D+C 11–12/2017  (PDF, 772 KB, non-accessible)
On the fast track
Author: Christiane Laibach
Tea after Twelve June 2016  (PDF, 2 MB, non-accessible)
Closing gaps in health care
A private hospital in Mozambique as a successful example for private-sector engagement in the health sector
Author: Julian Frede (DEG)
D+C August 2015  (PDF, 4 MB, non-accessible)
50-Year Footprint
Africa AM talked to Karl Weinfurtner, DEG director for Africa
about DEG's business in Africa
Article from Africa AM, February 2014  (PDF, 79 KB, non-accessible)