DEG team in a meeting


    DEG is committed to the principle of corporate responsibility. Solid values, binding codes of conduct and ambitious voluntary commitments form the framework of our business activities.

    A guide to our standards

    With our involvement, we are actively working to establish and disseminate international environmental, social and corporate governance standards. Here you will find information about our way of working and about the guidelines we adhere to.

    Investment-related information

    DEG publishes information on new commitments after the contract has been signed with the respective customer including the following information: Who is our customer? What will the financing be used for? Why are we financing the project?

    Complaint Mechanism

    Individuals, groups, communities or other parties who believe to be adversely affected by a project financed or planned by DEG can make a complaint and will be heard by independent experts.

    Disclosure Policy

    DEG's disclosure policy describes the information DEG publishes regularly as well as its scope.

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance refers to the framework regulations by which corporations are directed and controlled. Here you find further information on DEG's corporate governance system.


    Lawful action, diligence, integrity, professionalism and adherence to market standards are commitments that govern DEG's conduct.

    Sustainability in action

    We expect sustainable business practices from our business partners. To the same degree we set ourselves high standards in order to operate economically and under environmentally and socially responsible conditions.