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Companies active in developing markets can rely on DEG. We offer more than tailor-made financing – you can trust the knowledge and expertise that we've built up over a period of 60 years. Our customers benefit from our extensive experience, also in higher risk countries, and from our 19 locations worldwide.

Recent months and years have seen dynamic changes and developments all over the world. This particularly includes climate change, the consequences of which impact developing and emerging-market countries most of all. Factors such as digitalisation additionally speed up the development of economies, societies, companies and business models. Companies that are eager to seize the opportunities associated with the coming transformation can tap into new business potential. We specifically provide financing and expert advice to companies that share our firm belief that sustainable transformation is not only needed but also offers opportunities for business.

In doing so, we offer more than tailor-made financing: we do not just provide loans or equity investments to our customers, but we also advise them individually on their issues and planning. And, if required, we – as an arranger – mobilise larger volumes with additional investors for our customers. We target companies in developing and emerging-market countries, as well as enterprises in Germany and other industrialised nations.

Our offer aims to support and accompany our customers to the best of our abilities on the path to lasting, sustainable success. For us as a development finance institution, the effects and impact on the ground are decisive: we promote investments by companies that provide skilled jobs, generate local income, improve added value creation and the infrastructure on the ground. And thereby open up prospects for people in developing countries.

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DEG not only provides banks and finance institutions in developing countries with the capital they need in order to grant loans to local businesses, but also with advice from our experts.

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Industries & Services

We offer tailor-made solutions to companies in the manufacturing, trade and service industries in developing markets: loans or equity investments plus individual advice. And we invest in private equity companies that provide equity financing to such companies.

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Infrastructure & Energy

A flexible, long-term financing and a sound knowledge of the circumstances on the ground are crucial for your infrastructure and renewable energy project. On both counts, DEG, with its many years of experience, is the partner of choice.

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Bhoruka Power Indien; Beratung

With our Business Support Services we can help businesses boost their performance, increase growth and enhance the developmental impact of their schemes. Corporate governance, further training of employees and suppliers, risk management, environmental and social management, and resource and energy efficiency are fields of application of BSS. Some of the costs can be met by DEG.

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