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    Financing in local currency

    We meet the needs of our customers in developing and emerging markets by offering long-term loans in local currency alongside our EUR- and USD-denominated lending.

    The benefit to you: exchange rate risk is minimised, and you receive long-term financing with matching terms, which is often unavailable in local markets. We currently offer loans in local currency in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, South Africa and Turkey

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    Business Support Services (BSS)

    Alongside long-term financing, we offer our customers promotional programmes of targeted advice and support services ahead of their investments. This allows us to work with them to develop and co-finance various BSS solutions.

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    Our partner countries

    DEG finances only in emerging and developing countries. These are regularly defined in the OECD Development Committee (DAC). The current DAC list with our partner countries can be found here.