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    Infrastructure & Energy: Our solutions

    Whether you're investing in renewable energy, telecommunications or water supply and waste water treatment – we offer private companies a suitable, viable and flexibly structured financing for their sustainable infrastructure investments and individual advice.

    As a reliable and professional partner, we advise you right from the start, backed by in-depth expertise. You benefit from our extensive experience in the field of infrastructure and renewable energy investments in emerging-market and developing countries, our network and our 19 locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. As a development financier mandated by Germany, we also have a variety of contacts available to us in a number of countries.

    DEG customer comments

    AEP II is privileged to have the confidence of an outstanding group of public and private institutions to invest in and develop renewable energy projects. This way, we can build sustainable infrastructure where it is needed most.

    Daniel Calderon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alcazar Energy

    What we offer


    With our financing, we enable infrastructure projects in the following sectors:

    • Energy: Wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal energy
    • Telecommunications and digital infrastructure
    • Transport: Ports, airports, roads
    • Water supply and waste water disposal

    We provide tailored financing solutions to private infrastructure companies that support sustainable transformation and thus contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the form of long-term loans, equity investments and mezzanine finance. If required, we can mobilise and arrange larger volumes for our customers by getting additional investors on board. Through our commitment we send positive signals to further investors. DEG finances only in emerging and developing countries. These are regularly defined in the OECD Development Committee (DAC). The current DAC list with our partner countries can be found here.

    Advice plus support

    In addition to offering appropriate financing solutions, our strength is in providing tailored advice on infrastructure and renewable projects in developing markets. We can provide specialist advice on conceptual design and financing as well as arrange co-financing, with the aim of organising your project even more efficiently and sustainably.

    Bhoruka Power Indien; Beratung

    Investment-supporting measures help to co-finance investments that enhance the performance, growth and impact of companies in terms of developmental policy. In doing so, they support further professionalisation. DEG can cover a portion of these costs, for example for training skilled workers or for introducing environmental and social management systems. The latter enable risks in the environmental and social spheres to be identified and managed.

    We support our customers in their challenges and develop individually tailored solutions for their company together with them.

    Please contact your DEG customer relationship manager to get in touch with the BSS team.

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    Success stories

    Expanding green energy supply for telecommunication towers

    Expanding mobile telecommunications provides significant impetus for developing the infrastructure in emerging markets and developing countries. DEG finances investments of IPT Powertech Group SAL, which operates telecommunication towers in Africa and the Middle East.

    Expansion of wind energy in Uzbekistan

    DEG promotes the expansion of green infrastructure in Uzbekistan and finances the construction and operation of a 100 MW wind power plant close to Nukus city.

    Further examples of infrastructure projects financed by DEG


    DEG invests in green hydrogen for the first time

    DEG: USD 29.5 million for investment in renewable energy

    DEG supports renewable energy generation in Uzbekistan

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