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COVID-19: Information for our customers and business partners

In our role as an international development finance institution it is precisely now, at this challenging time, that we are a reliable partner for our customers and business partners around the globe. We are in ongoing communication with the companies co-financed by us in order to understand their needs and to find solutions. Our business activities keep running: Our staff across the world are being empowered to work remotely and thus remain available.

On this page your will find current information related to our activities related to corona. The page is updated regularly.

Covid-19 Impact on development

Impact in times of COVID-19

A series of insights regarding development impact at risk

Promotional programmes for corporates

BSS – COVID rapid response for DEG customers

DEG co-finances measures related to coronavirus out of Business Support Services funds for companies that already receive financing from DEG. In this way we want to ensure that our customers receive the most effective support.

More information for DEG customers

develoPPP.de funds for companies

Companies can apply for develoPPP.de funds to finance measures significantly mitigating the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic in developing and emerging countries.

More information

AfricaConnect - COVID-19 Response

European companies that are already operating in Africa and are facing acute liquidity shortages resulting from the corona pandemic can now apply for bridging loans via AfricaConnect COVID-19 liquidity financing.

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Guidance and recommendations