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    BSS: DEG is your partner beyond financing

    Challenges of private businesses can often not be met by finance alone. To address our customers’ specific needs, DEG - via its Business Support Services (BSS) - offers non-repayable co-financing for eligible projects that help companies to improve their performance, growth and developmental impact.

    Target group

    DEG offers conceptual and financial assistance to our prospective and existing customers.

    What is supported?

    The BSS programme aims at enhancing our customers’ sustainability - with respect to commercial as well as social and environmental best practices. Possible areas for BSS support are for example corporate governance, risk management, strategy, environmental and social management, resource and energy efficiency as well as training of staff or suppliers. We also offer you support with other challenges and develop individually tailored solutions in partnership with you and your company.

    What DEG offers

    We connect companies with external experts to realize tailor-made advisory solutions and help customers to design coherent development projects. The related costs can be co-funded up to 50 per cent.

    If you are an existing or prospective customer, just ask your DEG counterpart for options to enhance your business.

    Resource and Energy Efficiency Advisory Service

    Are you looking to employ resources and energy more efficiently and reduce associated costs?

    Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    Would you like to make your corporate governance more efficient and value-added?

    Environmental and Social Management in the Financial Sector

    We support you in incorporating environmental and social risks more successfully into your investment decisions.

    Gender Smart Opportunities Assessment

    You want to develop products and services for a female target group and thus open up new markets?

    SME Advisory Programmes for Financial Institutions

    Would you like to expand your SME business, reach more customers and improve your service?

    Your challenge

    We also support our new and existing customers overcoming other challenges, and develop individual solutions together with them. Please contact your DEG customer relationship manager to get in touch with the BSS team.

    BSS projects with BMZ funding

    On this page you can find information on our Business Support Services’ (BSS) commitments funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).