Female entrepreneur from Nigeria

    Gender Smart Opportunities Assessment for financial institutions

    With its Gender Smart Opportunities Assessment, DEG supports its clients in the financial sector to develop suitable products and services specifically for the female target group. In this way, they can expand into markets untapped by competitors, increase their customer base and benefit from lower NPL and product switching rates. Together with specialized consultants, we conduct an evaluation to help you grow in this segment.

    How DEG supports you

    With the GSO assessment, we provide a rapid, data-based method for evaluating the business benefits of an expanded focus on women. This allows us to develop the appropriate combination of products and services to fit your existing strategy.

    The evaluation delivers the following insights

    • Strategy snapshot, showing successes and challenges based on your identified goals and local market realities
    • Concrete recommendations for the most effective and efficient steps to open up the market
    • Recommendations for medium-term actions to address risks and build internal capabilities
    • Personal workshop to discuss the evaluation results and recommendations, to develop strategies and skills in real time
    • Publication-ready visual analysis

    Find out more about the experience of DEG’s customers who have participated in the Gender Smart Opportunities Assessment: Case Study Report 2020