Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    Your path to good corporate governance

    Our Corporate Governance Advisory Service helps companies from many different sectors to adjust their corporate governance so that it is more efficient and value-adding. The service especially targets companies that have experienced dynamic growth in the recent past and family-run enterprises approaching a generational change. The advisory services can contribute to increasing corporate output and securing a long-term competitive edge through better strategic decisions.

    Your benefits

    • Enhanced transparency and strategic planning
    • Reduced risks from fraud and mismanagement
    • Higher valuation and corporate output
    • Easier access to external funds
    • Creation of sustainable structures for growth

    How DEG can support you

    • An experienced consultant helps you to identify improvements to your management and control system. The main emphasis here is on your board structure and its way of operating, internal control mechanisms, transparency and disclosure and your relationship to shareholders.
    • We provide you with a corporate governance development plan with solutions that can be prioritised in line with urgency and importance for your business requirements.
    • You decide how to proceed with the recommendations and which ones you wish to realise.
    • During the implementation phase, DEG remains your sparring partner and is always on hand to support you in developing and managing further projects to be realised.
    • Selected further projects for implementation can be promoted and co-financed with funds from DEG's Business Support Services (BSS).

    We also support our new and existing customers overcoming other challenges, and develop individual solutions together with them. Please contact your DEG customer relationship manager to get in touch with the BSS team.