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BSS - COVID-19 Rapid Response for DEG customers

DEG co-finances measures related to coronavirus out of Business Support Services funds for companies that already receive financing from DEG. In this way we want to ensure that our customers receive the most effective support.

BSS – COVID rapid response for DEG customers:

1. Support for patients, employees and surrounding communities: Coronavirus-related expenses, e.g. extra protective equipment or training of nursing staff, can be co-financed for DEG customers from the health care sector.

DEG customers from other sectors can also make use of BSS funds, for example to provide surrounding communities and employees with medical infrastructure or food and relief supplies.

2. Advisory services for business stability: DEG customers can use external experts co-financed out of BSS funds to help them adapt their business processes and strategies to the new situation in order to reduce risks posed to business operations, people, supply chains and liquidity.

3. Support in E&S management issues: In order to rapidly develop effective health and safety measures for employees and subcontractors, external consultants can be co-financed out of BSS funds who, for example, develop health plans for workers' accommodations.

DEG customers who are interested in these measures are asked to contact their DEG relationship manager.


COVID-19 Response

You are not yet a DEG customer? Then you can apply for develoPPP.de funding for measures that significantly mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic in developing and emerging countries.

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