DEG is the long-term reliable partner for banks, insurances, financiers and leasing companies.

    Banking: Finance plus advice

    Whether you are a bank, an insurance company or a specialist finance institution operating in a developing or emerging-market country, you benefit from a professional and reliable financing partner with extensive expertise and an excellent network. We offer service packages that are tailored to meet your needs.

    We provide long-term financing and offer comprehensive advisory services as well as work out carefully planned solutions with you. We are at your side and advise you competently while further developing your forward-looking offers and financial services. As our customer, you benefit from our considerable expertise, our international network and 19 locations worldwide.

    DEG customer comments

    We have a strong partnership with DEG. Together we support local Nigerian SMEs and German businesses coming and willing to invest in Nigeria.

    Herbert Wigwe (In Memoriam), Group Managing Director of Access Bank in Nigeria

    What we offer


    We provide tailored financing solutions to our customers in the form of long-term loans, equity investments and mezzanine finance. We can also mobilise and arrange larger volumes for our customers by getting additional private investors on board.

    DEG finances only in emerging and developing countries. These are regularly defined in the OECD Development Committee (DAC). The current DAC list with our partner countries can be found here.

    With our loans for banks and specialist institutions, we enable increased lending to, for example, local small and medium-sized businesses as well as investments in business lines with potential, such as green energy or gender finance.

    As an arranger of syndicated finance, we get additional finance partners on board if required, enabling us to offer a combined financing package from a single source.

    At a glance:

    • Interest rate: fixed or variable, market-oriented depending on project and country risks

    • Term: generally between 4 and 7 years, also longer

    • Currency: EUR or USD, also local currencies

    • Structuring: according to the customer’s requirements

    Advice plus support

    Our services also include promotional programmes, enabling us to support you in a targeted way. We can offer and co-finance various Business Support Services – for example in ESG or risk management. What’s more, we also advise our bank customers on expanding their SME business or other business lines with potential.

    Bhoruka Power Indien; Beratung

    We offer a variety of Business Support Services in connection with planned or existing financings through DEG. If, for example, you want to encourage your employees to develop their skills or improve your risk management, DEG can bear part of the costs.

    Common topics for Business Support Services:

    Advising on environmental and social management in the financial sector

    We support you in incorporating environmental and social risks more successfully into your investment decisions. DEG can bear a share of the costs, if, for example, you wish to implement a environmental and social management system which helps to identify and manage risks in these areas.

    Read more on our advisory programme

    Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    The Corporate Governance Advisory Services help you improve your company processes in terms of good governance. The programme especially targets companies that have experienced dynamic growth in the recent past.

    Read more on our Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    SME advisory programme for banks

    This two-phase advisory programme shows banks exactly how they can develop their SME business to reach more SME customers and improve their services. Together, we draw up a detailed roadmap aligned with your own needs. In doing this, we examine especially your development potential and earnings opportunities.

    Read more on the SME advisory programme

    Your challenge

    We also offer you support with other challenges and develop individually tailored solutions in partnership with you and your company.

    Read more on our Business Support Services


    Green loans for climate-friendly technologies

    The Paraguayan bank Sudameris has launched a new product in cooperation with DEG: green loans. With this product, small and medium-sized enterprises can invest in the expansion of renewable energy or in resource-saving technologies.

    Financial service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya

    Many Kenyan companies are unable to secure long-term loans. Together with Equity Bank Kenya, DEG is making it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to make more investments.

    Further examples of banking projects financed by DEG

    DEG promotes financial inclusion in Costa Rica

    DEG promotes lending to small businesses in Bangladesh

    DEG mobilises USD 80 million for small and medium-sized enterprises in Honduras

    DEG: successfully promoting private enterprises in developing countries for 60 years

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