Interviews and articles

Here you find articles of DEG staff members and publications developed in cooperation with journals.

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Developing local supply chains and digital services
Author: Monika Beck
D+C October 2020
Indispensable private sectorD+C September 2020
Innovative drivers of sustainable developmentD+C February 2020
“The right balance”D+C February 2020
Bigger Markets, more opportunities
Interview with Christiane Laibach
D+C March 2019 (Link to the interview)
Measuring how good a job is
Author: Christiane Rudolph
D+C 11–12/2017
On the fast track
Author: Christiane Laibach
Tea after Twelve June 2016
Closing gaps in health care
A private hospital in Mozambique as a successful example for private-sector engagement in the health sector
Author: Julian Frede (DEG)
D+C August 2015