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DEG's disclosure policy


DEG's disclosure policy describes the information DEG publishes regularly as well as its scope.


DEG believes that transparent information about the way it operates and its financings contributes towards fulfilling its specific development mandate. The disclosure policy which was drawn up for this purpose describes the scope and type of information that we regularly make available to the public. This includes annual reports, corporate-related information and information on DEG's mode of operating, guidelines and reports. This policy does not grant any contractual or other rights to third parties.

In addition to the publications described above, from 2015 onwards we will publish investment-related information about new financings using DEG funds committed as of January 1, 2015 and for which a contractual basis exists at www.deginvest.de. In addition, as of 2020, a summary of the environmental and social action plan will be published for land-related investments (investments in the agricultural sector with primary land use > 5000 ha as well as larger renewable energy investments and mining) via a link to the website of the respective customer. Furthermore, we will continue to publish information on projects and programmes financed with public funds.

Information regularly published by DEG

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