DEG Representative Office Sao Paulo | Brazil

    The DEG office in São Paulo offers long-term finance for companies operating or planning to invest in the Mercosur countries. Our expert develop tailor-made solutions with customers in the fields of loans, equity and mezzanine finance. DEG's promotional programmes help companies to make their investment even more sustainable.

    The South American association of states Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) is one of the focus areas where DEG turns its attention to. DEG has been active in Brazil since the mid-1960s and in Argentina for almost as long. From DEG's point of view, there are promising prospects for companies for example in agribusiness and the manufacturing industry, but also in the infrastructure sector.

    The countries are generally economically robust. In future, the EU and Mercosur want to jointly build the world's largest free trade area. Brazil's economy in particular has developed well during the last years. At the same time, however, many people in that region still live below the poverty line. Resources and income are unequally distributed. A major challenge is to further stimulate economic growth while putting an end to the increasing environmental destruction.

    DEG's network in Sao Paulo

    In Sao Paulo we often work closely together with KfW IPEX-Bank. This enables us to offer our customers an attractive one-stop service, especially for larger investments. The partner is located in the same building, so distances are short.



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