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    DEG Representative Office Mexico City | Mexico

    Since 2003 we have been represented by an office in Mexico City. We finance and support local companies as well as German companies that operate in Mexico. We offer long-term loans and equity capital for financial institutions, funds and infrastructure projects. Our promotional programmes help companies to make their investments even more sustainable.

    Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and is one of the most open economies in the world, with 14 free trade agreements covering more than 50 countries. It is highly integrated into the US economy. Overall, Mexico has become the manufacturing powerhouse of North America due to its large workforce and geographic location. Numerous multinational companies take advantage of the low wages and the good level of training as well as the good infrastructure in the north and center of the country for their production and manufacturing facilities. The main export goods are vehicle parts and (electrical) mechanical components.

    The Mexican economy is currently benefiting from a high level of integration into global markets. But it also remains very dependent on the economic cycle in the USA. For 2024, local economic growth is expected to be moderate due to lower demand from abroad. Nevertheless, the country will continue to benefit from the trends towards relocating production capacities ("nearshoring") - particularly through its dynamic manufacturing sector.

    DEG's team in Mexico City

    DEG Außenbüro Mexico; Team
    Office Director Johannes Goderbauer (right) and his team accompany the customers in Mexico.

    DEG's network in Mexico City

    In Mexico City we often work closely together with KfW IPEX-Bank. This enables us to offer our customers one-stop service, especially for larger investments. The partner is located in the same building, so distances are short.

    Success stories from the region


    DEG finances machinery and equipment leasing in Mexico


    DEG invests in Mexican healthcare services provider



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    Representative Office Mexico City

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    Col. Bosque de Chapultepec

    11580 México, D.F


    Financing in MXN

    We offer long-term loans in EUR and USD as well as Mexican pesos (MXN)