Areal view of Lima: In order to warrant continuous contact for its clients in this multifaceted region, DEG has a regional office in Lima since 2007.

    DEG Representative Office Lima | Peru

    The DEG team in Lima advises financings in the manufacturing sector, in the financial sector - especially refinancing for SME business and housing finance - and in the agricultural sector. Another focus is infrastructure finance, for instance in the field of energy supply with a focus on renewable energies.

    The staff look after clients wishing to invest in the Andean Community of CAN, America's third largest integration area after NAFTA and Mercosur. These include Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. The Andean region is rich in natural resources and continues to display considerable economic potential. As of 2023, Colombia, a key member of CAN, has seen its population exceed 50 million. After a period of economic slowdown due to the pandemic and global economic conditions, and a steep recovery, Colombia has entered a period of moderate growth, according to the OECD.

    Other CAN members have been contributing to the region's economic dynamics: Peru has capitalized on its mining sector, and the country's commitment to economic diversification and increased trade agreements have further bolstered its economic outlook. Ecuador continues to rely on its oil exports, but the country has made efforts to expand its agricultural and tourism sectors, aiming to mitigate economic volatility. Bolivia's economy, traditionally dependent on natural gas and mining, has seen efforts to increase investment in renewable energy and infrastructure.

    Sucess stories from the region

    A vegetable producer from Peru

    The Peruvian Virú Group has been growing vegetables and fruits in the country for more than 20 years. Since 2013 DEG is supporting Virú with finance and advice, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the company.

    DEG promotes improved emergency medical services in Peru and Bolivia

    The medDV GmbH is a provider of system solutions for emergency medical services. With the support of the DEG, among other things central EMS control stations can be established.



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