Our mission statement

DEG is one of the major development finance institutions for private companies. Since 1962 we have effectively contributed to entrepreneurial success and development. This success story has been significantly shaped by our employees. We are very proud of this.

Together in 2017, we have developed a corporate mission statement that guides our actions. It expresses what makes us special, how we work and what we stand for.

Signet mission statement

DEG makes the difference. For the world. For me.

Why DEG.

Signet Mission Statemen

Our work is purposeful – made by humans for humans. With our activities around the world, we promote social justice as well as ecological and economical sustainability.
We actively promote human rights and contribute to a fair globalization.

As part of KfW Group, we are a strong partner and pave the way for longterm success of our customers. With our efforts, we have direct impact on the company‘s success. Our work is challenging and diversified.

What we do.

Signet mission statement what

We promote private entrepreneurial initiatives in future markets. Together with our customers and partners, we develop solutions for stable growth.

We advise and finance our customers and give them access to our valuable international network. As a result, we generate sustainable income, have developmental impact and support German SMEs.

How we work.

Signet Mission statement how

We understand our customers and their requirements in the respective local environment. We act as entrepreneurs and use our resources to achieve the best possible effect. We stand for German quality: reliable and result-oriented.

We have high demands on ourselves and create room for the development of our individual potential. We enjoy open exchange and are proud of our achievements. This gives us the courage and serenity to act in a flexible and unconventional way.
Our positive thinking is based on the conviction that we do the right things and take responsibility.