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Our solutions for corporates

As an enterprise from the agricultural, industrial or service sector, you need an experienced partner who develops appropriate solutions in dialogue with you and stands by your side – even in difficult times. We offer you the right long-term financing and packaged solutions tailored to your needs.

Working in close partnership with you, we work out a carefully thought-out, viable financing solution for your undertaking that takes reasonable account of potential risks. We have the required industry know-how together with knowledge about local circumstances and framework conditions. With our international network, we can also arrange large-scale funding by involving other financiers, if required.

DEG customer comments

DEG has been a great help, enabling us to become the business we are today. It not only supported us with financing, but also with advice on environmental matters.

Yoselyn Malamud, CEO of vegetable producer Virú S.A., Peru

Financing for corporates

Long-term loans

With our long-term loans, we offer you tailor-made funding solutions at matching maturities for your company worldwide.

Acting as arranger of syndicated financings, we can also mobilise other financing partners and offer a joint financing package.

What we offer:

• Currency: EUR or USD, in certain cases local currency

• Term: generally between 4 and 10 years

• Collateral: usually as the company's fixed assets in the country of investment

• Interest rate: fixed or variable, market-oriented depending on project and country risks

• Structuring: tailor-made and according to the customer’s requirements

Equity investments

We can also support your growth with equity capital. As a minority shareholder, we generate positive momentum for your business development and reputation. Our involvement is viewed positively by financing institutions, supervisory authorities and rating agencies.

What we offer:

• Equity participation in the company in the country of investment

• As a rule with a minority stake

• Variable structuring of risk components

• In certain cases, voting rights and seat on the company’s supervisory board

• Clearly defined exit strategies

Mezzanine finance

With our subordinated loans, we take on higher risks and offer you individual solutions to supplement your equity capital basis.

What we offer:

• Financing form between equity capital and debt capital

• Project-specific structuring

• Subordinated collateral

• Term: generally 10 years, but also longer

• Risk-appropriate return

• Possibility of conversion to equity, if appropriate

Promotional programmes for corporates

In addition to long-term financing, we offer promotional programmes to support corporates in a targeted way. In this way we can co-finance various accompanying measures.

German Desks – Financial Support and Solutions

Jointly with local partner banks, our German Desks offer SME German and local firms a range of financial solutions to support them in developing their exchange of goods. These solutions include credit lines or investment financing for local companies wishing to acquire German equipment or services, for example.

We offer German Desks in Accra/Ghana, Dhaka/Bangadesh, Jakarta/Indonesia,Nairobi/Kenya, Lagos/Nigeria and in Lima/Peru.

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A vegetable producer from Peru

The Peruvian Virú Group has been growing vegetables and fruits in the country for more than 20 years. Since 2013 DEG is supporting Virú with finance and advice, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the company.

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Cream crackers from Nigeria

The Nigerian family-run company Beloxxi produces so-called cream crackers in its state of the art production facility. These crispy wheat crackers are becoming more and more popular among consumers in Nigeria. Since 2016, DEG is invested in the biscuit company with equity.

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DEG for German business

You are a German company and want to invest in an emerging or developing country?

We’d like to support you with your foreign investment.

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Our partner countries

DEG finances only in emerging and developing countries. These are regularly defined in the OECD Development Committee (DAC). The current DAC list with our partner countries can be found here.

DAC list

Financing in local currency

We offer you long-term loans, including in local currency.

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