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Our promotional programmes

We offer promotional programmes to focus on supporting our customers. For instance feasibility studies and various business support solutions can be developed with and co-financed by us.


With AfricaConnect, DEG helps European companies enter Africa with long-term loans. Investments in reform-oriented African countries are specifically promoted and facilitated through a special model of risk sharing.

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Companies aiming to implement a project with development effects such as a pilot project or environmental or qualifying measure can be co-financed by the BMZ's develoPPP.de programme. Four times a year a develoPPP.de ideas competition is held for companies to submit their proposals. A total of up to EUR 2 million can be provided towards each project.

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Business Support Services

In developing markets, entrepreneurial initiative frequently involves particular challenges. With our Business Support Services (BSS) we can help businesses boost their performance, increase growth and enhance the developmental impact of their investments. Some of the costs of BSS measures can be met by DEG

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DEG finances innovative pioneering investments of German and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in developing countries that are in the start-up phase. Projects such as these can be co-financed by up to EUR 500,000 ‒ repayable on success.

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Feasibility studies

DEG can bear a share of the costs (up to EUR 200,000) for European SMEs planning to invest in a developing country and conduct a feasibility or environmental study, a legal survey or a market analysis. The funds are from the BMZ.

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