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AfricaConnect COVID-19 Response: overcoming challenges, securing new potential

The aim of AfricaConnect is to provide support to European companies in their existing and planned activities in Africa. The programme facilitates investments in African countries by offering tailored financing solutions on attractive terms and without red tape. However, COVID-19 has caused a global and unprecedented situation, which at the same time has altered the starting premise for AfricaConnect. As a result, DEG is implementing a specific response to COVID-19 as an additional component of the programme, alongside its original offering of investment financing.

At a glance: AfricaConnect COVID-19 Response

Crisis financing facility

  • Fast and unbureaucratic crisis liquidity financing through AfricaConnect COVID-19 Response
  • Liquidity for healthy and sound companies which are facing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis
  • Loan financing for almost all African markets in EUR, USD as well as in selected local currencies
  • Direct disbursement to your African subsidiary (without detour over your house bank)
  • Use of DEG's network and decades of experience in structuring and implementing investments in Africa

Who are we financing?

Subsidiaries of European companies already successfully operating in an African country which

  • have created local jobs and want to secure those throughout the crisis
  • have a fundamentally sound and profitable business model with sufficient creditworthiness which allows them to service the loan through operating activities
  • face liquidity bottlenecks due to the COVID-19 crisis
  • have a good outlook for after the COVID-19 crisis

AfricaConnect COVID-19 Response is not eligible for

  • Companies without a profitable business model
  • Companies which have been facing difficulties on 31/12/2019, i.e. before the COVID-19 crisis
  • Companies intending to restructure or redeem existing loans, distribute profits or pay dividends during the term of the loan

At what conditions?

  • Repayable loan of EUR 0.75 million up to 4 million *
  • Tenor up to 7 years with optional grace period
  • EUR, USD and selected local currencies
  • Financing for up to 100% of the liquidity gap
  • Highly attractive conditions: 1% to 2% interest p.a. (EUR)

* Subject to availability of funds and positive risk assessment

Which information do we need from you?

  • The last two audited financial statements of the parent company and subsidiary
  • Liquidity plan for the next twelve months indicating requested financing volume
  • Number of jobs secured through the loan

Financing with AfricaConnect

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Any questions?

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Why does AfricaConnect need a COVID-19 response?

The current COVID-19 pandemic is having a drastic adverse impact on the global economy, with a corresponding effect on African national economies – and, in turn, those companies that operate in Africa. The crisis is posing many challenges to the private sector; among other things, far-reaching government-imposed lockdowns are leading to falling demand as well as delays and widespread disruption to logistics chains. These issues pose an existential threat to a large number of companies. They could cause lasting damage to existing business relationships and lead to a loss of market position as well as associated declines in sales without a corresponding reduction in costs. This will result in acute liquidity shortfalls and, ultimately, in the loss of qualified workers.

AfricaConnect: Overview crisis liquidity facility