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A vegetable producer from Peru

Peru’s tropical climate and the Andes mountain range work like a natural greenhouse along the entire coast. This ensures ideal conditions for growing agricultural crops, such as asparagus, artichokes, mangos and avocados. The Peruvian Virú Group has been growing vegetables and fruits in the country for more than 20 years. A large part of the harvest is directly processed by Virú, which also distributes the fresh, frozen and canned food.

The company has a permanent workforce of more than 7,500 employees on its fields and in eight production facilities in the Sullana, Virú, Tarapoto and Chincha valleys. The employees come from surrounding communities and around half of the staff are women.

Virú puts specific emphasis on qualification measures for its staff and offers various training options. Besides technical trainings, such as maintenance of machines, this also includes training on leadership and communications. What is more, Virú pays above-average wages, operates its own medical centres for employees and offers free child care.

Since 2013 DEG has provided two long-term loans to Virú. With the financing, Virú has been able to expand its cultivation area for asparagus and avocados and set up a packaging facility for avocados. In addition, DEG advised Virú on resource and energy efficiency and supported it in developing a water treatment plant.