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develoPPP.de targets companies that invest in developing and emerging countries and are seeking ways to shape their corporate commitment in the long term. As one of the three official partners DEG implements this special programme of the Federal German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ). BMZ provides up to EUR 200.000 and maximum 50% of the project cost out of public funds. These development partnerships with the private sector may last up to a maximum of three years and cover a wide variety of areas and topics.

In addition, develoPPP-projects that have the potential to achieve outstanding development benefits may receive special funding as so-called Strategic Development Partnerships. Strategic Projects are conducted with a partner company in one or several developing or emerging-market countries. The project’s total volume (public and private contributions) amounts to at least EUR 750,000. The public contribution must amount to at least EUR 200,000 (but no more than 50% of the overall project cost).

What DEG offers

DEG is your partner when it comes to structuring a develoPPP.de project and offers competent and comprehensive advice in all phases of its implementation.

At the same time companies will benefit from DEG’s wide-ranging expertise with long-term investment financing, as well as from its experience with other funding programmes. Since the launch of the PPP Programme in 1999, DEG has co-financed over 700 develoPPP.de projects all over the world.


Four times a year, DEG carries out develoPPP.de ideas competitions. Interested companies can submit project proposals to DEG between six weeks before the end of each quarter and the closing date of the ongoing competition (31 March, 30 June, 30 September, 31 December).

After expiry of the deadline, DEG assesses the projects on the basis of defined criteria and informs the companies on the result within four weeks. In case of a positive decision, the companies and DEG jointly develop a comprehensive project concept.


The develoPPP.de programme addresses German and other European companies, as well as companies in developing and emerging countries in which EU-registered companies or European nationals own at least a 25% share. Although associations, foundations, non-governmental organisations, foreign chambers of commerce or registered associations are not themselves eligible to apply, they are in principle entitled to participate in develoPPP.de projects as project partners of the applicant company. The regional scope encompasses developing and emerging-market countries according to the current DAC list.

Conditions of co-financing

develoPPP.de projects follow the general developmental specifications of the federal government. A public contribution in the context of develoPPP.de will only be made providing that:

  • the private partner would not otherwise implement the develoPPP.de project without the public partner;
  • the develoPPP.de project is not required by law;
  • the develoPPP.de project gives rise to an appropriate economic development benefit for the developing country that exceeds any commercial benefits to the private partner;
  • and the project implementation is not already underway, unless they retrospectively adopt additional development-relevant elements.

Requirements to partner companies

German and other European companies are eligible for develoPPP.de projects if their financial standing ensures the financiability and sustainability of the project.

Any company that applies must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • annual turnover of at least EUR 1 million
  • ten employees
  • three years of business operations.

Financial contribution under the PPP programme

Under the develoPPP.de programme, up to 200,000 euros can be provided per project. The company has to bear at least 50% of the project cost and is responsible for the realisation of the project in terms of finance, content and manpower. DEG assists the company in all phases of the develoPPP.de project by competent and country-specific advice.



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Project examples

Innovative greenhouses for South Africa

Harvesting fruits, vegetables and energy: Two companies from Brandenburg have developed innovative greenhouses that provide all this. DEG co-financed a training and demonstration facility in South Africa with develoPPP.de-programme funds.

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Vietnam: An app for the traceability of sustainable supply chain

Smallholder farmers get access to web-based system which helps tracing their sustainable production and supply chain. DEG co-finances the project with funds from the develoPPP.de programme.

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