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Wind power for India

Wind park in India

A reliable energy supply is something that is still frequently lacking in developing and emerging-market countries. Accordingly, the Indian state of Karnataka is faced with a challenging situation where the demand for power is higher than what electricity suppliers can produce using conventional energy sources. This leads to regular power failures. As industry and agriculture are becoming increasingly mechanised and require more and more power, this electricity deficit is set to increase in future. One solution to the problem comes in the form of renewable energy projects, which are quicker to implement than conventional power plants – not to mention the lower CO2 emissions.

Founded in 1992, Bhoruka Power is a company that operates 15 small hydroelectric power plants, five wind farms and two solar farms with a combined capacity of 320 MW.

In 2010, DEG provided financing of EUR 8.3m to Bhoruka’s first wind park and mobilised a further EUR 7m coming from the French development finance institution Proparco. In 2012, the wind farm was connected to the public grid for the Karnataka region with 17 turbines and a capacity of 26 MW.

A further wind farm was set up 600 kilometres away from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, to meet the rising demand for energy there. DEG provided a long-term loan for this in 2012. The 49 MW wind farm supplies up to 175,000 people with green electricity. Expanding the power supply has the effect of boosting economic growth in the rural region. Bhoruka also contributed to Karnataka’s development by building several schools and a hospital.

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Interview with S Chandrasekhar, Managing Director of Bhoruka Power