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We evaluate our work

Internally and externally executed topic-based evaluations are important tools which we can harness to make DEG's work even more effective. Insights gained from these evaluations help us, and our customers, to accompany future private commitments in a more focused manner, and enable us to further develop our Development Effectiveness Rating on an ongoing basis. Joint evaluations with other European development financiers serve to advance learning across all institutions.

Our latest evaluations


Unlocking the benefits of local sourcing for companies and societies

Download report  (PDF, 734 KB, non-accessible)


How our customer Virú contributes to Peru’s sustainable development

Download report  (PDF, 5 MB, non-accessible)


Evaluating the Promotion of Environmental and Social Standards in DEG’s Investments in Financial Intermediaries

Download report  (PDF, 355 KB, non-accessible)

All evaluations at a glance

Case studies by DEG or on its behalf

In addition to its topic-based studies, DEG carries out case studies on selected customers or specific customer clusters. Case studies supplement topic-related studies with a practice-oriented single view.

Further information

In 2014 DEG has formulated goals and principles of evaluation. They are depicted in "DEG evaluation - a guiding principle"  (PDF, 59 KB, non-accessible).